Phoenix, also known as the ‘Valley of the Sun’ is the capital of the southwestern US state of Arizona. A bustling city in the middle of the desert with temperatures that hover at around the mid-40’s C, it has much more to offer than resort life.

Explore the Desert Botanical Garden

The quote that danced around my head while at the beautiful Perivoli Lagoon House was that by Marcus Tullius Cicero — ‘ If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need ‘. Afterall Perivoli — Greek for ‘garden’, is as good as any could ever be.

An untouched paradise in the Cape Overberg

I imagine I’m not alone when I say that I’m restless. Not only emotionally after a year and a half of adjusted living, working from home, not seeing enough of my friends and laying low in the name of health and safety — but also as a professional traveller unable to take flight.

This planet is endlessly beautiful and travelling around it and exploring its extraordinary scenery is the dream of many. That is why it’s worth taking a leap of faith and getting out there, perhaps to ‘climb every mountain and search high and low’ as the song suggests.

The magnificent Steenberg Hotel & Spa in Cape Town’s Constantia Valley has a noble history, flourishing vineyard, fine restaurants and a range of delicious MCC and wine that will certainly have your heart.

A while ago I escaped work for a while, driving out to Franschhoek in the Cape Winelands where by invitation of the remarkable Elisabeth Brandt of Healing Earth Africa, I spent a few indulgent hours at Leeu Spa by Healing Earth being beautifully spoilt as an early Birthday present.

As we seek distractions from our busy lives, new ways to exercise, relax and unwind, as well as hobbies with a low environmental impact, kayaking is becoming increasingly popular. Especially if you love nature and being out on the water. Even as a total beginner, it is safe, enjoyable, and therapeutic.

To Get Closer to Nature

Experiencing our distant past contributes to our cultural understanding and intellectual development. Studying history at any level can go a long way in helping us define our identities. Afterall, how can we understand ourselves if we don’t know more about how we evolved, or the experiences our forebears had.

The Island of Cozumel or Isla Cozumel as it’s known, is just 12 miles off the east coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, opposite Playa del Carmen in the Caribbean Sea.

In the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, lies one of the most evocative islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali.

Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen

Writer. Earth Advocate. A Conscious Traveller. Consultant in Sustainable Travel Practices. Determined to save a species 🌱

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