Horseback vs. Horsepower. I tried both.

Notes on the quad biking;

  1. Always wear a helmet. Even if its offered as an optional extra. One can fall off. I did.
  2. Listen to your guide, if he suggest taking the quad down a steep drop, let him. He’s the pro. I didn’t, hence the ‘I fell off’.
  3. Take your camera or GoPro to capture the beauty of the area that the trip will give you access to.
  4. Wear long trousers and a long sleeve shirt as even in summer, the fynbos is overgrown and you could get scratched. Especially when you’re zooming along at the speed of lighting towards the end, like I was. Wear closed shoes, a must.
    Don’t hesitate; ask whether this activity is available during your stay.



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Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen

Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen


Writer. Earth Advocate. A Conscious Traveller. Consultant in Sustainable Travel Practices. Determined to save a species 🌱