Just Cruising onboard the MSC Sinfonia. In Air Namibia’s Inflight Magazine Flamingo.

Ship navigation made easy

If you’re wondering if it’s a boat or a ship here’s the thing to remember. You put a boat on a ship but you don’t put a ship on a boat.

  • Hull — main body of the ship
  • Helm — the steering wheel
  • Stern — the back part of the ship
  • Lido Deck — Italian for beach and where the pools, bars and fun is to be found
  • Quarterdeck — the part of the ship set aside by the Captain for functions, you’ll want to join one of them.
  • A cabin or a stateroom — your room on a cruise ship

In the News

MSC Cruises has announced that a new ship is headed for South African shores for the 2018 cruise season. Named Musica, and able to accommodate over 2500 guests with a wider range of restaurants, more swimming pools, grander entertainment facilities and more lounges, it is something to look forward to. But for me, the Sinfonia feels like the perfect size, so don’t miss a chance to cruise with her.

The Essential Details and Recommendations

To learn more about the different cruises offered by MSC Cruises go to their website. My recommendation is the 5 days and 4 nights Cape Town to Walvis Bay tour. Also, do keep an eye out for the incredible cruise deals and themed journeys. This is one of the most affordable, relaxed and fun ways to holidays, with all the international flair and passports required. The 3–5–7 night packages are most popular, whether you’re going somewhere, or nowhere. The kids will love it too. Travel light as you won’t need much and it makes embarkation much easier.



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