Three Lifestyle Choices You Won’t Regret.

Your lifestyle is an incredibly important feature in your life. It dictates how, when, and where you have fun and when you take the time to work and progress your career.

Choices about your lifestyle can have huge influences on your health and wellbeing — for good or for ill. So, as we head towards 2022, with a new year and new year resolutions in mind, here are three ideas for you to consider fixing for your lifestyle to be more productive and happier in the months and years to come.

Morning Routine

The morning is a part of the day that millions dislike. It’s a case of hitting snooze a couple of times, wrenching yourself from your slumber, and dashing into the shower before heading to work. But mornings are a hugely important way to get set up for the day — and they represent a time that many people don’t make the most of.

Sorting out your morning routine is an excellent starting point for a lifestyle change. Consider getting up a little earlier to get out on the run or to go to the gym. Make sure you have excellent breakfast food in your home, including nourishing Chemex coffee to set you up for the day. Ensure that when it comes to work, you’re fully switched on and ready to start the day at a pace. This will help the rest of your day pan out perfectly.

Social Calendar

It’s been a difficult couple of years, with social plans cancelled and isolation taking the place of constant social plans. Now, we feel lucky if we meet a handful of friends across our week — after so much chatting, working, and catching up on Zoom or other teleconferencing platforms. But now is the time to revamp your social life — and that means making a social calendar for yourself.

You’ll know instinctively how much socialising you want to do in a week. Based on that estimate, it’s up to you to build up a social calendar that’ll suit your needs. Take the initiative and invite friends to your home on a certain date or organise a group trip on an upcoming weekend.

Your planning will help you maintain and build on your precious friendships in 2022.

Dropping Habits

Bad habits are hard to shake. Whether you’re a nail-biter, a smoker, or a spender, you’ll know that there are things that you do in life that might not be beneficial to your lifestyle — but you do them anyway. The advice here is, of course, to address these bad habits in 2022 — however hard they may be to truly shake.

A good starting point is to find a way to reduce, rather than cut out, your bad habits. Gradually weaning yourself off these habits might be more successful in the long term than simply stopping them altogether. And over time, you’ll pick up better habits that contribute positively to your lifestyle instead of detracting from your health and wellbeing.

Make these positive decisions for the good of your lifestyle and enjoy the feeling of freedom and self-worth you receive from them in 2022.

Originally published at on December 21, 2021.



Writer. Earth Advocate. A Conscious Traveller. Consultant in Sustainable Travel Practices. Determined to save a species 🌱

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Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen

Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen

Writer. Earth Advocate. A Conscious Traveller. Consultant in Sustainable Travel Practices. Determined to save a species 🌱